If you’re past that stage of asking yourself What am I doing here? here’s another question:

How can I possibly improve my English, so that I can use it to my own advantage (in both my highly personal and interesting life and in my professional one, while equally increasing my chances of passing the English ‘Absolutoria’ later this semester) and consequently feeling generally pleased with myself, and all?

If this is the question you’re asking yourself now, then you’ve come to a good place. The right place and the right time, as they say (whoever they are).


You see, it won’t work without you.

If you open your eyes, ears, heart and mind, look and see, listen and hear, do and make, come and go (or vice versa), press and play (and vice versa), search and find (destroy later), read and write, give and take, stir and shake, care and share, talk and say, cheese and chalk, bread and butter, grape and wine, milk and honey, Buggs and Bunny….

Excuse the writer while he takes his medicine, and, meanwhile, welcome!

It’s a real pleasure indeed to meet you here on our blog for sharing thoughts and reflections on film (and beyond) in English.

Have a look around (although there’s not much to see yet, I’ll be adding stuff on regular basis), contribute, leave a comment, write me or talk to me in the class (or in the corridors) about how to make this place even more practical, helpful and interesting.

In any case, manner or mode, I’m looking forward to your thoughts and to seeing you around!


p.s. here’s EAF’s very first poll:


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