Further explanations coming soon

Just a quick note to all of you who’ve visited E&F for the first time (or second, or third, etc) but still don’t know what it’s good for, i’ll be posting a little explanatory post soon.

Meanwhile, why don’t you practice some English watching euronews (with the same news video available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Arabic). Why? Well, why not? Each language and news item is provided in a shorter text form also, to help you understand the words better and the content & context of the video, too. and practise & improve, of course ;)

Good night for now. Sleep well.

Btw, after re-watching The Aviator, I’m even more impressed by DiCaprio, Blanchett & Alda.. g’night.



One thought on “Further explanations coming soon

  1. Hi! I just wanted to write you an e-mail suggesting you the very same thing you’re about to do. My roomate visited this site yesterday (she’s also VOS student) and she didn’t really get what the site is all about, i.e. she didn’t get that it was you who created the site for the purpose of furtrher educating/informing VOS English students. So I thought I’d send you a note, asking you to consider writing a brief intro on the author (yourself) and what’s the reason of the existance of this site, and who is it for, and what should it do for us, etc., etc. — all the good “strategic” stuff that would clear a few things out… :) But I see you already realized this, so… no further tips from me :)

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