New additions and.. Where The Wild Things Are on film!

Big news today…

not only you can find new additions in the absolutoria section, namely, new links and info on topics 3, 13, 14 & 15, and some new stuff in the re:free section,


I’ve learnt today that Spike Jonze, the director of ingenious music videos (Bjork, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, Tenacious D), visionary adverts and, above all, films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, comes with the film adaptation of one of the most legendary, unique and powerful picture books ever conceived Where The Wild Things Are (first published in 1963). Apparently, Spike Jonze was asked by Mr Maurice Sendak (the author of the picture book) himself, to direct this film and it looks like we’re here for a treat.

If you don’t know Where The Wild Things Are, don’t look for it in electronic form. Dig it out on Amazon, or in good bookstores, buy it, read it. (It’s exactly 10 sentences long, revealing the subconscious, the imaginary and the wild side of the child in all of us).

I don’t know what the film will do to those who don’t know the original picture book, but…… here’s the trailer:




2 thoughts on “New additions and.. Where The Wild Things Are on film!

    • definitely something to look forward to. It’s a long wait, though, the release date here is November 26th, but the Autumn atmosphere might add a bit of extra magic to it…
      Thinking of using the picture book in the class, sometimes, by the way…. maybe…
      hope all’s well : )

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