Sunset, updates, Tales of Mere Existence

Beautiful sunset today. A calm spring evening sky with tones of pink, purple and red lighting up a few scattered fluffy clouds above the horizon. Blackbirds doing their best to keep things nice and the scent of cherries in full blossom. Can hardly get better.

The site, on the other hand, can get better and, hopefully, did get better after a little visual overhaul. If you have any thoughts on how it looks, I’ll appreciate your feedback (some of you already commented – many thanks!)

Now, if you like visual stimuli, the update to the historical topics in absolutoria (1 to 5) should help you remember some milestones thanks to theatrical (film) posters. I’m working backwards, topics 5 – 3 are already posterised and I’ll be adding posters to topics 2 & 1 soon. The plan is to do the same with animation, so if you’d like to recommend some important movies from each period, which are missing there, leave a comment and I’ll put them up.

Which brings us to the question: what are your favourite movies of each decade? Do tell! I’m really interested to hear about your film taste and recommendations and it’s something we’ll discuss in the lessons and on the exam, too, if you pick one of the topics 1 to 5, which are perhaps the most interesting and fun of all topics, but could be also the trickiest, if you lack the general knowledge about film (and world) history.

So, enjoy the artwork on the posters, look at the years and directors and chose those, which you will mention on the exam. It’s a good start.

From other news, I’m optimistic about this little endeavor. Thanks to all of you who’ve come here and left a comment (and intend to do so in the future on regular basis : )) – I really appreciate it!

And now for something completely different – take a look at this:

A big recommendation to go through all of his videos on his channel – intimate, honest, light-hearted, wonderful work. Great style, too ; )




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