The end of term mood …

as we’re approaching the end of term – the Bc English classes ended today (with a bit of improvisation due to the unexpected cancellation of the afternoon classes) – and we’re into the exam period.

Two more VOS classes and we’re done, too.

Just flies by, doesn’t it.

Thanks for your participation in the classes. Hope you’ve had enough opportunities to practise and improve. If not, or if some of the classes didn’t meet your expectations, let me know. See if I can improve things.

If you’re a VOS I or II, I’m hoping to get the best of you in our last 2 classes this term. (Hope to get the best of me, for that matter ;D)

Haven’t seen much of some of you during the semester. Not much chances to make up for it now, so, good luck with your exams and all.

Actions – or the lack of thereof – speak louder than words. I guess you considered other things more important than English classes, which, of course, is up to you to decide. (And up to me to reflect in the final assessment.)

As for those of you I’ve had the privilege to meet and talk to in our classes,

thanks for your contribution – it’s been a real pleasure to meet you.

Good luck with your exams and everything else,

and see you soon,



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