The Boat That Rocked, comedy, UK (2009)

Boat that Rocked … and, at least in terms of the soundtrack, Rock it did.

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you’ve heard about it, or are planning to see it. Or, maybe, you’ve no idea such film even existed.

In any case, go see it in the cinemas, if you’re looking for an evening of pure escapist fun, feeling generally nostalgic and cool about the legacy of the 1960s fashion and music, would like to forget history for a while and go with the party mood.

You’ll get what you’re looking for. An amazing soundtrack (if historically not always 100% accurate) with the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, The Hollies, Jimmy Hendrix, Buddy Holly, and many many many more, with charismatic Bill Nighy and a bunch of other equally extraordinary characters, more or less familiar to you, depending on how you enjoy British (or American) comedy (e.g. IT Crowd).

Even if you don’t know the actors, even if you’re not into the music of the 1960s, you’ve got pure feel-good fun thrown in to top it off for a great evening of the Rock’n’Roll partying in the true 1960s sense of the word.

If you’re looking for profound plot development, historical accuracy and consistency, or a true story of a real pirate radio station Caroline that inspired the story, or, in fact, would like to see a true depiction of life in the UK of 1966, do not go to see this film, as you might leave the cinema disappointed.

So, in short, a definite recommendation for cinema viewing, mainly because of the necessary volume that the speakers allow you there to enjoy (and, let me say one more time, what music it is!), but stay out if you are not in a party mood.

Additionally, for a bit of advanced English practise (of course), here’s a link to an interesting interview with Bill Nighy in which he talks about the film, the intentions with which it was made and the atmosphere on the set.


So, what about it, then? see you soon, and.. do let me know how you liked it. ; )



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