Exit: Summer term. Enter: Exams.

The exams are about to start, I’ll be seeing most of you over the next week.

We’ll be finding out together about how you’ve developed as an English learner this term.

I’d love to know: Were the “suitcase” activities helpful? Did you enjoy the Who am I? games, word hunts, mimes, pictures, film reviews, discussions, recommendations, reflections?

Borrowing from the gaming industry, do you feel you’ve levelled-up as a learner of English this term?

As with any levelling-up, as with any good gaming experience, the real reward is in enjoyable game-play, in finding out and exploring the game’s story, environments, characters and a few hidden treasures or Easter eggs yourself,  enjoying the rewards as they come.

There’s the easy way, too, of course, the one using short cuts and cheats, bringing instant, short-lived results, no long-lasting enjoyment, but a sour feeling you have robbed yourself of some real treasures, realising there’s nothing more left to do.

The thing about learning is that it can happen any time, anywhere, perfectly rewarding your efforts. What you put in doesn’t disappear, but is transformed into invaluable experience, skill, or knowledge.

Whatever topic you choose on the exam, remember that it’s about communicating in English. Mind your manners, keep it positive, smile and take it easy – it’s about what you know.

Good luck and give it your best shot.


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