UPDATE [June 2011]: Please note that I no longer update this site on regular basis, although I’d like to keep it alive, especially the section on History of Film and Animation, which still attracts quite heavy traffic. This makes me very happy, of course, and I’d like to thank everyone following the site and visiting it! Feel free to get in touch!

Where I live now :) – For a current discussion and my thoughts on ELT, language learning, education, and more, please, visit my main ELT blog, where I add stuff regularly, these days. ;-)

Hope to see you there and thanks for stopping by!


About this site

My intention was to create a site for my students to read about film and animation in English and to get answers to questions related to English grammar, vocabulary and exams. You’re cordially invited to simply browse through and have fun.


This site is a completely non-commercial effort. It’s intended to be educational and there’s no financial benefit deriving from it whatsoever. Apart from my input it also takes advantage of several free on-line resources that are always linked (Wikipedia, Britannica Online, Encarta, etc.). If you have copyright issues, please, contact me.

Knowing you’ve usied the site makes it worthwhile.

Content updates

I’m making changes and (hopefully) improving the site’s content whenever I have the time and feel like doing so. In the content that’s already posted there are bound to be imperfections, so, if you find any omissions, glitches, dead links, or other errors around the site, please, do let me know and I’ll be very grateful to you. (Biscuit?)

Also, your comments are always appreciated.

Enjoy the site and see you around.


14 thoughts on “About

    • thanks Martin, not sure which one you caught : ) been trying more of them to improve the clarity, let it breathe a bit more. Hope it works.

  1. I love the new structure! Did you do this today?! I haven’t been online a few days, so I didn’t visit the site…but man, it really does “breathe” better :)

    Let me get “into it” a bit deeper, and I’ll let you know if I’ll have any feedback/input.

    Until then! :)

    • Glad to hear that, Ver. Our conversation in the lesson kicked things off, so many thanks for the feedback.

      I see your cable’s plugged back in? I think I saw one of your roommate’s rats in Martin K’s film today with Ivana in the lead role, trying to make friends with the mysterious monster living in the cellar, hungry for raw meat – could that be the culprit? : )

      • I just mentioned “structure” in our conversation in the class, I didn’t actually give you anything usable :) But! – I’m glad that did it :)
        The site “feels” more comprehensive now. At least to me.
        Yes, and the cable’s back on, thank God. I thought I’d die without Internet. I know I’m another sad example of a contemporary human addicted to virtual reality, but what can I say – I have no life :)
        And the rat from Martin’s film – it’s not the one who did it. It was Honza’s rat – and I’m going to scalp it the next time it chews on our net wires. Or any other wires for that matter.
        Last thing – do you think you could lend me the “Where The Wild Things Are” childrens book? Or just bring it to class, for me to take a peek? I’d really appreciate it.
        Thank you!

  2. Tell me one thing, my friend …
    how did we allow this to happen?

    i have seen so much, i can’t see anymore
    the greater the capacity the greater the emptiness
    once you suffocate … you don’t even know how to come back

    but we managed
    what a cost, though!

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