History of Film and Animation

Film and Animation history topics:
Click on a topic headline to go to topic page. Lave comments and check back frequently to see what’s new.
Topic 1: Early development of cinema
● first people who pioneered motion pictures ● first apparatuses which enabled the projection of pictures ● developments at the beginning of the 20th century (first genres, first techniques, nickelodeon boom, first production companies)

Topic 2: Film development up to the coming of sound
● major film-making technique developments ● genres, stars and directors ● major developments in Europe ● the beginnings of Hollywood ● the peak of the silent movies

Topic 3: The world sound cinema up to the end of the 40s
● the coming of sound – problems, changes and final implementation ● genres, stars and directors ● the impact of Word War II on the film industry

Topic 4: The world film productions from the 50s to the 70s
● genre developments, stars and directors ● major movements (e.g. Neorealism, New Wave) ● the impact of TV on the cinema ● technical developments

Topic 5: The world film productions from the 80s to the present time
● typical features – themes, genres, characters, budget, format, audiences ● main representatives ● technological developments

Topic 6: Our country’s film productions until the 60s
● the silent era ● the coming of sound ● film studios, genres, stars and directors ● the impact of Word War II on the Czech film industry ● post-war and the early communist regime cinema ● the 60s (greater freedom in movie making – the Czech New Wave)

Topic 7: Our country’s film productions in the 70s and 80s (normalization) and from the 90s to the present time

Topic 8: Film festivals and awards in the world and in our country

Topic 9: Film genres
● history ● basic division according to the style of the film ● basic characterisation

Topic 10: Film stars of the past and present
● film icons in the early days of cinema ● contemporary film stars in the world and in our country ● which prerequisites are usually necessary to become a star ● what benefits can a star bring to a movie ● explain the terms type-casting and star vehicle

Topic 11: Literary adaptations: films based on works of literature
● types of adaptation ● challenges brought on by adaptation ● compare a literary work with an adaptation

Topic 12: Stages of film production
● main stages of film making (pre-production, production, post-production) ● main tasks, challenges and outcomes of each stage ● your experiences with filmmaking process

Topic 13: Cast and Crew
● main professions in the film crew and their responsibilities ● basic categorisation of the film cast

Topic 14: Basic film glossary
● main types of shots ● digital and traditional visual recording techniques – advantages and disadvantages ● main film-making equipment ● filming on location and filming on set – advantages and disadvantages ● other film vocabulary

Topic 15: Animated film
● history ● types ● techniques / processes

Topic 16: Famous world animators of the past and the present

Topic 17: Famous Czech animators of the past and the present

Topic 18: Film shorts – music videos, commercials (adverts), other types (e.g. bedtime stories)
● history ● production challenges ● artistic value

Topic 19: Television
● TV productions vs. big screen productions ● types of TV programming and genres ● types of TV channels

Topic 20: Music as an integral part of a motion picture
● history – development throughout the last century ● genres ● composers ● explain the term soundtrack

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


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