Topic 11: Literary adaptations

films based on works of literature ● types of adaptation ● challenges brought on by adaptation ● compare a literary work with an adaptation

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– interesting read on film adaptations of works of literature, with the historical development, difficulties and description of processes necessary for making film adaptations really work

  • challenges brought on by adapting literature to film:
  • An interview with Ben Okri, a Nigerian poet and novelist, answering the question if he sees his own work ever adapted to film and giving his perspective on the differences between a novel and film:

    > read the transcript of this video here

    link and transcript courtesy of Verica Kordic

    Interviews with the creators and film-makers of Sin City, the film adaptation of the famous Frank Miller’s comic books:

    compare and contrast these two different approaches to film adaptations of two distinct literary genres: a novel and a comic book, to help you talk about the challenges brought on by adapting a literary work to film

    Think of different media: short stories, novels, comics, picture books, myths, biblical stories, etc. & choose your example – being able to talk about your favourite adaptation is essential to answering this question well
    Be prepared : )

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    One thought on “Topic 11: Literary adaptations

    1. awesome! :) learning through film (videos/visual) is my personal favorite learning method – makes things more interesting and fun! thank you!! :)

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