Topic 8: Film festivals and awards in the world and in our country

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The notion of presenting awards honoring movies started in the 1920s. The idea of showing films in a body for comparative — and even competitive — purposes began slightly later. In a sense, these two developments were a natural product of the evolution of film. From the first decade of the twentieth century, it was clear that the medium held huge potential as a serious artistic and creative force; and midway through the second decade, as the American movie industry — already the most robust in the world — began realizing this potential through the work of filmmakers such as D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin, it was clear that the medium would grow along those lines, with ever-more sophisticated releases each year from all over the world. In the silent days, of course, films were truly international in nature, with no serious language barriers.

– a quote from an essay on development of Film Awards and Festivals by Alexandra Kelle, with interesting insights into how the concept has developed in America, Europe and the rest of the world

– a definition of a film festival and an overview of the oldest and most renowned festivals worldwide from the Encyclopedia Britannica

  • selected festival sites:
  • Festival de Cannes

    Karlove Vary International Film Festival

    Film Festival Zlin

    Sundance Film Festival

    Berlin International Film Festival

    – an index of world film festivals by month, or location

    ..and much more.

    You should be able to name a number of examples of film festivals and awards worldwide and locally, with the information on their history and tradition. Check the sites of given festivals to learn more

    Also, you’ll be asked about your experience with film festivals, either as a visitor, or participator


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