Topic 11: Lucy K.

Here’s Lucy’s very good text on adaptation. This topic is beautiful, but it could be a challenging one if you don’t spend enough time reflecting on it. Adaptation is one of the key sources of inspiration in today’s filmmaking (nearly all of today’s films are adaptions of various kinds). Therefore, it’s best if you think about this topic in very practical terms: Imagine something you would like to adapt – and it could really be anything!: a novel, a short story, but also a computer game, a postcard, a toy, an old painting, or a comic strip! – then, describe the challenges that this brings, and the processes that you need to apply to make the original source work as a film, using film language. I’ve added three very important words that describe these processes to the Glossary in Lucy’s document.

BONUS task: If you had the chance, the money and the best production team in the world, what would you like to adapt into a film? Comment! ;)



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