NEW addition to the blog: Gramatické tabuľky na samoštúdium (SK)

Tu je dlho očakávané doplnenie stránok: gramatické tabuľky na precvičenie základných anglických časov. Nájdete tu prehľad gramatiky a tak, ako v ostatných sekciách, aj tu máte možnosť položiť mi otázku pomocou komentára. Vstúpte kliknutím na červené tlačidlo a pusťte sa do toho:

Ako postupovať? Zo zoznamu na vstupnej stránke kliknite na odkaz gramatického javu, ktorý si želáte precvičit. Myšou ovládajte interaktívne prezentácie s prehľadom tvorenia jednotlivých časov. Po názve času sa objaví tabuľka so všetkými osobami v jednotnom aj v množnom čísle, s nevyplnenými slovesami. Túto využite na doplnenie chýbajúcich slovies najskôr sami, následne si svoje odpovede môžete skontrolovať v ďalšej tabuľke. V ďalšom okne sú vety na precvičenie (v slovenčine), využívajúce daný gramatický tvar. Opäť ich najprv skúste preložiť sami, až potom si skontrolujte správny preklad v ďalšom okne.

Have fun a nezabudnite nechať komentár! ; )

Exit: Summer term. Enter: Exams.

The exams are about to start, I’ll be seeing most of you over the next week.

We’ll be finding out together about how you’ve developed as an English learner this term.

I’d love to know: Were the “suitcase” activities helpful? Did you enjoy the Who am I? games, word hunts, mimes, pictures, film reviews, discussions, recommendations, reflections?

Borrowing from the gaming industry, do you feel you’ve levelled-up as a learner of English this term?

As with any levelling-up, as with any good gaming experience, the real reward is in enjoyable game-play, in finding out and exploring the game’s story, environments, characters and a few hidden treasures or Easter eggs yourself,  enjoying the rewards as they come.

There’s the easy way, too, of course, the one using short cuts and cheats, bringing instant, short-lived results, no long-lasting enjoyment, but a sour feeling you have robbed yourself of some real treasures, realising there’s nothing more left to do.

The thing about learning is that it can happen any time, anywhere, perfectly rewarding your efforts. What you put in doesn’t disappear, but is transformed into invaluable experience, skill, or knowledge.

Whatever topic you choose on the exam, remember that it’s about communicating in English. Mind your manners, keep it positive, smile and take it easy – it’s about what you know.

Good luck and give it your best shot.


A few changes to English and Film

It’s been more than a year now since I started English and Film as an online resource tool for everyone learning about film and media in English and I’m very pleased about the wonderful feedback I’ve received from you, whether in the frorm of comments or in classes.

Since the beginning, I’ve made many gradual changes to the layout, content and organisation of the blog, so that it would be easier for you to find what you were looking for.

Still, I’ve often felt that the blog wasn’t anywhere near to what I imagined it to be yet, that the potential for your effective language learning thanks to it wasn’t fulfilled.

Now I have a new vision for the blog and, hopefully, with your help, it will get closer to reaching the potential and will become a much more employed tool in our English classes.

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Summer in full swing….

Hi everyone,

enjoying the summer holidays, I suppose? Good on you! ; )

just a quick update today in the English practise&improve section, which now looks way better than before and offers a couple of interesting online places for you to check out and brush up your English with, to prepare for the next term at school (wrote he, with mean laughter echoing in empty corridors and dark studio corners.. )


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The end of term mood …

as we’re approaching the end of term – the Bc English classes ended today (with a bit of improvisation due to the unexpected cancellation of the afternoon classes) – and we’re into the exam period.

Two more VOS classes and we’re done, too.

Just flies by, doesn’t it.

Thanks for your participation in the classes. Hope you’ve had enough opportunities to practise and improve. If not, or if some of the classes didn’t meet your expectations, let me know. See if I can improve things.

If you’re a VOS I or II, I’m hoping to get the best of you in our last 2 classes this term. (Hope to get the best of me, for that matter ;D)

Haven’t seen much of some of you during the semester. Not much chances to make up for it now, so, good luck with your exams and all.

Actions – or the lack of thereof – speak louder than words. I guess you considered other things more important than English classes, which, of course, is up to you to decide. (And up to me to reflect in the final assessment.)

As for those of you I’ve had the privilege to meet and talk to in our classes,

thanks for your contribution – it’s been a real pleasure to meet you.

Good luck with your exams and everything else,

and see you soon,


Welcome the new Summer Animation Workshops Video Channel

Glad to announce a brand new Filmschool Zlin Summer Animation Workshops Video Channel has been set up to showcase the projects created during the past years of this regular event. Established and maintained by Miss @EsquiloEuropeu, aka Verica Kordic! One, two, you know what to do… ; )

Also, all the major updates to the E&F blog will be done weekly, every Friday, although there are always bits and pieces of new stuff added in the absolutoria section as the week – and my classes with you – go by. Regular visits and comments encouraged! ; )

Till later,

Lying there and staring into ceiling …


Sunset, updates, Tales of Mere Existence

Beautiful sunset today. A calm spring evening sky with tones of pink, purple and red lighting up a few scattered fluffy clouds above the horizon. Blackbirds doing their best to keep things nice and the scent of cherries in full blossom. Can hardly get better.

The site, on the other hand, can get better and, hopefully, did get better after a little visual overhaul. If you have any thoughts on how it looks, I’ll appreciate your feedback (some of you already commented – many thanks!)

Now, if you like visual stimuli, the update to the historical topics in absolutoria (1 to 5) should help you remember some milestones thanks to theatrical (film) posters. I’m working backwards, topics 5 – 3 are already posterised and I’ll be adding posters to topics 2 & 1 soon. The plan is to do the same with animation, so if you’d like to recommend some important movies from each period, which are missing there, leave a comment and I’ll put them up.

Which brings us to the question: what are your favourite movies of each decade? Do tell! I’m really interested to hear about your film taste and recommendations and it’s something we’ll discuss in the lessons and on the exam, too, if you pick one of the topics 1 to 5, which are perhaps the most interesting and fun of all topics, but could be also the trickiest, if you lack the general knowledge about film (and world) history.

So, enjoy the artwork on the posters, look at the years and directors and chose those, which you will mention on the exam. It’s a good start.

From other news, I’m optimistic about this little endeavor. Thanks to all of you who’ve come here and left a comment (and intend to do so in the future on regular basis : )) – I really appreciate it!

And now for something completely different – take a look at this:

A big recommendation to go through all of his videos on his channel – intimate, honest, light-hearted, wonderful work. Great style, too ; )